Creating Community Connections

Ah-Ha Homework Club


Ah Ha! Homework Club is a program for children in Kindergarten up to High School.  The program is facilitated by a University Student/Grade 12 student and by volunteers.  Ah – Ha!  Homework Club provides a space away from home for students to work on their studies and there is always someone around to help out with those tough questions.  The program is geared to help young students with areas in which they maybe struggling or wanting to strengthen.

Cost:  Free of Charge


Two nights a week children in elementary school drop in to the Centre to get homework help from volunteers from the high school and University of Saskatchewan. The Centre has an extensive collection of learning resources and educational games, including Storybags and Mathbags, that can be borrowed to take home.

“My son is really having a lot of fun at Ah–Ha! Homework Club. He is learning and doesn’t even realize it!”

~ Parent of Ah-Ha!  Homework Club Participant

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