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Logo History

2008 Logo Design History (L – Live a Life of Literacy)

The Martensville Community Access Centre chose their first logo design for centre! To find a great design, the centre hosted a competition for the new logo. This design came from a local elementary school student, Dawson Rowley. The Centre’s thoughts behind the design: “We felt it portrayed the idea that literacy and learning were lifelong and fit in well with the literacy grant commitments.”

A very special thank you to Dawson Rowley for the design of choice.

2012 Logo Design History (Green Squares with people standing on them) — Mr. Mojelski and the grade 10 art class Logo Design

 The Martensville Community Access Centre chose a new design for their logo, since the Centre has expanded over the years and has moved beyond the literacy project that gave the Centre its start.   This time the Centre partnered with the students in Mr. Mojelski’s Grade 10 art class at Martensville High School.  It was very exciting to work with students and they learned skills on how to work with their art being critiqued and adapting to the needs of a “client.” They were more than willing to take any additional suggestions and requests in to account to make the logo exactly what we were looking for.

The logo design project was a great fit with the curriculum for the Art 10 class:

Students will explore local and regional culture.  In their unit they will become more aware of local art work and artists.  They will explore the institution and organizations that represent art within a community.  As students become involved in their community through interviews, discussions, field trips, presentation they increase a wide range of interests, customs and traditions.  They learn that artists represent through their work and the influences upon the progress of their art.  They see the role of visual art and how it plays into the meaning that can affect their lives.  This project would also be a good fit for students in Art 20 as a related unit is taught, “Mass Media and Popular Culture” with the elements of another unit that addresses “Good Design is Good Business.”

Mr. Mojelski felt that students should appreciate commissioned work as it is much different than doing artwork for oneself:

“One must understand the purpose behind the artwork and communicate with the client to determine what the final product will look like and that often this process is difficult but vitally important to the working artists and while most clients have a general idea of what they want they don’t have a “snapshot” in their minds of what the end result will be.”

To get background information, the art 10 students interviewed individuals in Martensville and surrounding area to show the importance of the artistic skills that are used as a hobby or as part of a job (hair dressers, construction workers, amateur painters etc.) They were provided with background information about the Centre and what it offers to the community.  Throughout the project, the Centre’s coordinator, Kristee, and the board of directors provided feedback to the students in order to achieve a logo that best represented the Centre.

Thank you once again to the students involved.  A very special thank you to Julian Eidness Hodges for the design of choice.

Juli’s thoughts behind the design, “I made my logo the way it is because it looks like the little people are climbing their way to success.  I used building blocks because we are a young community and still growing and building our city.”

2016 Logo Design History (3 Green people standing above Martensville Information & Visitor Centre name) — Michael Reimer Logo Design

As the Centre undergoes a name change, it was time for an updated logo to go along with it! Centre Coordinator, Kristee, researched logo ideas and brought them to the board for input.  These ideas were then taken to a local graphic designer to be developed into a new design to represent the Centre.

Graphic Designer Michael Reimer answered the call for a local expert, and used his creative talent to come up with several designs from the ideas he was given.  Kristee and the board then chose the logo that they felt was the best fit.

Martensville Information & Visitor Centre’s thoughts behind the logo:

“It is very hard to find one image that represents all of the things the Centre offers.  We wanted something that would represent the people in the community. Historically, the Centre has used the colour green so we continued that trend.  Our community is young and growing in many ways.  The Centre exists to help all ages and provide information for all types of requests that come in.

Michael’s thoughts behind the logo:

“The option chosen for the centre was best as it represented a family. Martensviille is a community booming with young families.”


The designer:  Michael Reimer

Michael Reimer is here to help you with any project that requires design. He has over 7 years of experience in the web design and graphic design fields. If you are looking for a new logo design, a new poster promoting your business or a new website Michael Reimer is the guy for the job. He lives in Martensville with his family and loves getting involved in the community. He has done a great job on our new logo for the Martensville Information and Visitor Centre and we highly recommend his services. You can contact him by emailing with any inquiries or questions.

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